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Among various resources required in the production process, human resource is one of the most important one. For success of any industry and company it is essential that human resource is utilized in the best and the most ethical way. Companies match employees to jobs for which they are best cut out for. This task is done by human resource professionals. These HR professionals deal with recruitment of new employees, conducting tests and interviews, managing employees’ benefits and listen to minor grievances of employees. Besides, they also are the energy line that drives an organisation to perform better.

Of the many options available for Hr professionals, recruitments is a growing segment. Recruitments is one of the main task of HR managers. It is a blend of efficient use and development of available skills and talent of the employees within the organization. Thus their demand is high in public as well as private sector organizations. Human Resource managers can seek employment in public and private sector industries, banking and financial institutions, corporate houses and multinational companies. Personnel manager also can aspire to be employed in services sector particularly IT companies who are dealing with huge number of employees now days. Big firms have their permanent personnel manager. But small companies hire services of Human Resources consultants, they also are a big employment opportunity today.

Course Details - The course covers the aspects of HR generalist and recruitment.